Baby Room

Dedicated baby area

Love your baby: 0-15 Months

This area, designed for children aged 4 weeks to 15 months provides a home-like, cosy, loving environment where children grow and flourish. This enables babies to independently explore and discover the world around them with the support of highly skilled and experienced staff, who are responsive and considerate to babies’ and parents’ individual needs. Play opportunities are varied in order to enrich the babies’ experiences, including sensory, heuristic and creative activities. In addition, the babies have access to the sensory room, wet room and a baby pod in the garden.

  • Dedicated key person
  • Mirror bar, sofa, sleep area with relaxing music.
  • Cushion floored area for tummy time.
  • Secure outdoor play area
  • Purpose built bottle preparation area


Toddler area

Achievement is key

18-24 Months

This is where the toddlers continue to explore, learn and seek new opportunities to play. This room offers an extensive range of low-level activities and resources such as construction, creative, role play, sand and water play and the book corner.  Children are able to access these areas independently according to their individual preferences. Our passionate and experienced staff form close relationships with both children and parents enabling them to provide the best possible care and opportunities for the children to learn and develop at their own pace. The toddlers eat together in our dining room and are assisted with washing their own hands before eating and helping to serve their own food.  This promotes good hygiene practice and independence as well as learning new skills. In addition, toddlers have access to the sensory room, wet room and library.

  • 1:3 adult to child ratio
  • Dedicated key person
  • Detailed daily record to inform parents about eating, sleeping and changing patterns.
  • Low level continuous provision areas with a focus on developing independence and self-confidence
  • Purpose built nappy changing area
  • Dedicated secure outdoor play area

Our Opening Times

7:15am – 6:15pm