Nursery Room

Nursery Room

Involve me and I learn: 24-36 Months

This room is an exciting, stimulating environment where our children can explore and develop their independence through varied activities. This is the stage where children adopt their own characteristics and their personalities become more defined.  They are encouraged to realise their own individuality whilst becoming able to trust and rely on their own abilities. Children’s communication and language development progresses during their time in this room.  The children are often keen to share with us their experiences both from home and within nursery. Areas of continuous provision such as construction, ICT, creative, sand play and role play provide the children with opportunities to explore, and be challenged and stimulated according to their individual needs. Our highly experienced staff provide support and guidance for the children who start to toilet train at this age.  Practitioners work closely in partnership with parents to ensure that individual routines from home are maintained in nursery as it is important that both nursery and parents have a consistent approach to this stage of development. Eating together in the dining room allows the children to enjoy mealtimes with their friends, learn good manners and healthy eating practices. In addition to this the children have access to the sensory room, wet room, library and a large outdoor play area.

  • 1:4 staff to child ratio
  • Dedicated key person
  • Designated secure outdoor area
  • Continuous provision areas to allow children to make choices
  • Self-registration
  • Self-service at mealtimes encourages healthy eating habits
  • Self-contained open access bathroom area promotes independence when toilet training
  • 2-year progress check at 30 months in partnership with parents

Our Opening Times

7:15am – 6:15pm